The CE Family, a leading conglomerate of businesses, is excited to announce a significant transition within its organization. CEO Natalie Dixon has decided to embark on a new journey, following her passion for ministry with Hope City United Church. This transition marks an inspiring change for both the CE Family and Natalie Dixon herself.

Natalie Dixon
Former CEO
Jason Wiggins
CE Owner/ CEO

Natalie Dixon’s dedication and leadership have played an instrumental role in shaping the CE Family’s success. Her contributions have guided the organization to its current position, and the company is deeply grateful for her invaluable service.

As the CE Family bids farewell to Natalie Dixon, the organization is pleased to share that her journey with the company is far from over. Natalie will continue to be an integral part of the CE Family community, contributing her expertise to special projects that align with her passions.

Simultaneously, the CE Family is excited to welcome back Jason Wiggins, the owner, who will be resuming his role as CEO. Jason’s unwavering vision and commitment have been pivotal throughout the company’s journey, and his leadership promises a bright and promising future.

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunities and growth that lie ahead under Jason’s leadership,” says Hayes Cook, Chief Strategy Officer at the CE Family. “Our focus remains dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our clients, partners, and team members.”

The CE Family extends its heartfelt gratitude to Natalie Dixon for her remarkable contributions and invites everyone to celebrate her new path. Her impact will continue to resonate throughout every corner of the organization, just as it has during her time with the company.